Practical and Powerful Ways to Lead a Remote Workplace

2020 has thrust organizations, big and small, into working from home. Some organizations were ready for this shift while others were not. This course offers strategies to successfully lead a newly remote workforce, whether the shift is temporary or long lasting.

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A remote team demands that leaders be laser focused on getting fundamentals right: clear goals, clear communication, great management and great coaching. Like a coach, a virtual leader must leverage team members' individual and collective strengths and coach to improve weaknesses. The challenges of leaders leading their teams and organizations remotely are many. How can one lead effectively when we’re now greeting each other with instant messages instead of a smile and a wave? When we have to meet via video conference instead of in a conference room? The confluence of all the factors this year has brought about is unique and leaders must adapt quickly to meet the needs of their business and their teams. This course is designed to give you a solid foundation of communication and leadership ideas and examples, so that the people in your charge have a leader who is prepared to meet the seen and unseen challenges of the remote work environment.

John trained our customers numerous times, and he is an absolute wealth of knowledge. "Mind equals blown" is a dramatic understatement. He is a rare individual that understands the human psyche, team mechanics, and how to tap into these to reach strategic business objectives. He is constantly pursuing higher education and understanding of the complexities involving generational and communication gaps, and is eager to share his unique solutions with others on how to optimize your workforce. He is a real gem and if you are lucky enough to be coached or trained by him, you will receive far more then you bargained for.

Who this course is most suited for:

This course is for CEO’s, business owners, senior and middle management leaders, and team leaders who recognize that they need every advantage they can get so that they have a productive, emotionally healthy, and well led remote workforce. Leading remote organizations is fraught with issues that which we cannot see, hear, touch, or feel. Honing your leadership skills is more important than ever.

How to bring business relevance and context to a distributed workforce.
How to use effective communication strategies to positively affect virtual teams
How to foster personal accountability in your virtual workforce and connect it to your business strategy
Setting up your remote teams to produce results despite challenges
An understanding of ‘Virtual Distance’ and how to overcome it
Your leadership role in addressing your virtual team's technology issues and frustrations
Techniques to recalibrate mindsets and beliefs that compliments productivity and leads to success in a virtual workplace

Skills You'll Develop

Adaptability Intentional Leadership Communication Adaptive Performance Contextual Performance Engagement Motivation Mindsets Leadership Inspiring Others Remote Team Management
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Many years ago there was a book called, “You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bicycle at a Seminar.” Regardless of the contents of the book, the title alone makes a profound statement about the need to gain a basic understanding of how to ride a bicycle, then actually go outside, ride the bicycle, and yes, fall a couple of times in the process of gaining practical experience. Whether you are a seasoned leader, or a newbie to the world of leadership, you will take away relevant, practical, and actionable leadership lessons you can immediately use in your company.

Communication has always been essential for leaders, but it becomes of crucial importance when working remotely. In virtual working environments, communication gets upgraded to 'vital' as it becomes the glue that unites a dispersed audience. Reaching out to team members through video, phone, or messaging replaces face to face interactions. This change introduces a unique set of challenges that leaders must be aware of and address.

Inspiration and Motivation are two of the most misunderstood human elements. Exceptional leaders understand their role in developing an inspired and motivated workforce. The leadership challenges surrounding inspiration and motivation are even more pronounced and often less obvious when it comes to the remote workforce. In this section we will look at the most important aspects of inspiration and motivation and debunk some of the out of date ideas that continue to shroud these two important human elements.
Things are different. We can’t keep operating like everything is the same, and some of us do this. As leaders, it’s up to us to change the conversation to one that is inclusive of change and growth. Then we can lead our people and organizations in a positive, inspired way.
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As leaders, it's important to realize that under the current state of affairs - pandemic and crisis - working remotely is likely going to reduce motivation. When situations get tough, individuals look to routines and stable aspects of their lives in order to find semblance of normalcy. Currently, finding normalcy is difficult for many of us. This module explores how to motivate people working from home in this challenging environment and how to keep an eye out for negative motivators.
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In this module, you will learn about fundamental actions you as a leader must take with your remote workers to ensure that your team achieves the results that are important to your organization. These actions aren’t difficult to understand, but they can be difficult to do. In this module, we will give you clear guidance on what those actions are and how you as the leader directly and intentionally influence the performance of the individual team members as well as the team, to achieve the results needed.

The longstanding barriers to remote workplaces have been toppled by technology. Currently, the market offers the necessary infrastructure (cloud technology) and a myriad of different tools to help your remote team collaborate productively, creatively, and seamlessly. In this module we address the leadership issues that are faced by managers of remote workers who rely on technology to keep them connected and productive.
Technology is the facilitator of Remote Workplaces. Leaders should begin the process by taking a serious look into all the options available and pick the right tools that fits the need of the organization. Tools should be able to connect your team members and facilitate the ease of communication and workflow.
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Truly great leaders have the ability to look in the mirror and self-assess the way they view their leadership approach and make adjustments. It is the essence of “humble-conviction.” In this bonus module, we give you an opportunity to think deeply about your leadership beliefs and in the spirit of personal humility, determine the degree of adaptation, if any, that may be needed as you continue to grow in your leadership role.
If we don’t look in the mirror first, we are less able to look outside with fresh eyes and make a difference in our teams and in our organization. Leaders have to continually sharpen the knife in order to meet the changing needs of teams and business. Free your leader's mind from some of the leadership thoughts that may hold you back as a leader and avoid getting trapped in cognitive ruts.
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Beliefs that can help upgrade any good leader.
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Amanda Lash

Amanda Lash

Psychologist, Professor
8+ Years experience
1,396 course views

Dr. Amanda Lash is a cognitive psychologist and research scientist with expertise in human behavioral research. Amanda received her PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Brandeis University in 2014. She has been an assistant professor of Psychology in Whittier College since 2016. Amanda has been recognized as an experienced analytical data scientist, project leader, educator, and presenter with enthusiasm for knowledge translation.

John Vetere

John Vetere

Executive Coach, Educator
30+ Years experience
1,396 course views

John is an entrepreneur, business owner, and educator whose career focus has been to help people and organizations become “unstuck” in the business environment, and he loves doing this. He has been an adjunct professor in the Suffolk University Frank Sawyer School of Business since 1993, same school where he graduated in 1989. John believes that real world situations and practical education coupled with advanced guidance can help businesses effectively lead through the challenges they face in a rapidly changing business environment.

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